Xi Jinping Visits Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Technology Exhibition of New Zealand

On November 21 local time, President Xi Jinping, accompanied by Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand, visited the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Technology Exhibition of New Zealand in Auckland, and expressed his hope for the two countries to strengthen cooperation in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Attending the exhibition were multiple enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions of China and New Zealand. Xi Jinping came to the booths, listening to the introductions and inquiring about relevant scientific research achievements, product quality as well as cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries.

Xi Jinping pointed out that agriculture and animal husbandry is an important part in China-New Zealand cooperation. The agriculture and animal husbandry of New Zealand enjoys a high reputation around the world while China has a broad consumer market. With continuous improvement of the Chinese people's living standard, the demand for quality agricultural and animal husbandry products has been rising year by year, creating huge potential for the bilateral cooperation. Chinese enterprises' investment in agriculture and animal husbandry in New Zealand is helpful in promoting local employment and economic growth, and their produce will be provided to the vast Chinese consumers as well. I hope that the enterprises of the two countries strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win outcome.

Xi Jinping and John Key also jointly witnessed the exchanges of cooperation agreements between multiple enterprises of the two countries, covering such fields as finance, dairy products, aviation and communication.

Mme. Peng Liyuan, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others attended the above activities.

In the evening of November 20, Xi Jinping and his wife Mme. Peng Liyuan attended upon invitation the family banquet held by John Key and his wife. The two leaders further exchanged in-depth views on the bilateral relations as well as topics of common interest. They agreed that President Xi Jinping's current visit to New Zealand has achieved a complete success, and that the two sides will continue to make joint efforts to yield more fruits in the China-New Zealand comprehensive strategic partnership.

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