Remarks by Spokesperson of Chinese Consulate General in Auckland on Recent Activities related to "Hong Kong Independence" at University of Auckland

A few days ago, some posters with content of "Liberate Hong Kong" and others related to “Hong Kong Independence” appeared on the campus of the University of Auckland, which triggered dispute among certain students. Some New Zealand media made reports about this, but with biased views and distorted descriptions of the recent situation in Hong Kong. Concerned about this, the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland takes this opportunity to elaborate on relevant issues:

1)The government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) submitted to the Legislative Council this April the amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance, which would allow the local government to cooperate with the mainland, Macao and Taiwan on extraditing criminal suspects and fugitives in individual cases through a special arrangement. It would be helpful in handling the Taiwan homicide case, and would close an existing legal loophole to jointly combat crime, and uphold law and justice.

Unfortunately, some ill-intentioned individuals and media outlets took this opportunity to spread exaggerated or false views, thus causing panic among the public, and obstructing the discussion of the amendments in the HKSAR Legislative Council. In this context, since June, several protests over the amendments have occurred. On June 15, in order to listen to public opinion more widely, and to restore normal social order, the HKSAR government postponed work on the amendments and hence all related legislative activities came to a stop.

The HKSAR police have granted approval and provided protection to peaceful protests in accordance with the law. However, the intentionally violent activities, including but not limited to assaulting police officers and vandalizing government agencies by some radical protesters, have gone far beyond the proper scope of peaceful demonstrations. It has undermined Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, challenged the rule of law and social order, threatened the personal and property safety of the residents of Hong Kong, and hit the bottom line of the principle "one country, two systems".

Some Western anti-China politicians and individuals have made irresponsible remarks and played a disgraceful role. Their ulterior motives are to disrupt Hong Kong, change Hong Kong into a troublesome sore for China. And we would like to reiterate that Hong Kong is part of China, and its affairs are of domestic concern alone. The Chinese government absolutely does not allow any foreign forces to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs.

2) The Consulate General expresses its appreciation to the students for their spontaneous patriotism, and opposes any form of secessionism. We strongly condemn those engaged in activities of demonizing the images of China and HKSAR government, inciting anti-China sentiment and confrontation between mainland and Hong Kong students, through distorting the factual situation in Hong Kong under the pretext of so-called freedom of expression.

3) The Consulate General hopes that people of all walks of life in New Zealand will take an objective and comprehensive view of the situation in Hong Kong, in particular see through the nature of extreme violence committed by rioters in the name of protest, which shall not be tolerated in any society of rule-of-law. The Consulate General attaches great importance to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese students from either mainland or Hong Kong. It is hoped that Chinese students will express their opinions and views lawfully, and make positive contribution to the mutual understanding and friendship between China and New Zealand. It is urged that New Zealand continue providing good environment for Chinese students.

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