Remarks by Consul General Xu Erwen at the Annual Meeting in Thanks of Customers of Bank of China (New Zealand)
(Office of Bank of China, November 21, 2018 )

Hon Chairman Richarson,

Chairman Chris Tremain,

David Wang,

Ladies and gentlmen,

Thank you for having me here today at this wonderful event in celebration of the 4th Anniversary of Bank of China (New Zealand). It gives me great pleasure to join so many friends and colleagues present here tonight for this joyful occasion. First of all, please allow me to extend, on behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland our warm congratulation to the bank for its birthday of four years old! At this special moment, I wish to express my appreciation to the bank for your kind support to the work of my consulate general over the past years and for your strenuous efforts to promote the financial exchanges and cooperation between NZ and China as well as for your contribution to developing the bilateral relationship and friendship between our two countries and two peoples. Also I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Chairman Chris Tremain, David Wang and other colleagues of the bank for your hard work not only to expand your banking business but also for your consistent dedication to bring both Chinese and NZ business communities together to foster the mutual understanding and ties of each other. As you know, David Wang has been elected to be the chairman of China NZ Chamber of Commerce for two terms now.

Four years ago this month, President Xi Jinping attended the unveiling ceremony of bank of china NZ during his successful state visit to this country together with then NZ Prime Minister John Key. Since then, the bank has enjoyed good momentum of development. In a spirit of "pursuing excellence", the bank has been striving to establish a top brand and good image of Chinese financial institutions in NZ, providing high quality financial services in areas of commercial banking, corporate banking, global trade and financial market services to support the business development of both NZ and Chinese enterprises. At the same time, it has never forgotten its social responsibilities for local communities.

Ladies and gentlmen,

The past four years have witnessed the best time of China-NZ relations. The leaders of our two countries have kept close contacts and communications and are committed to deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership between our two countries based on mutual respect, equality and win-win cooperation. The cooperation has been growing quickly at all areas.

Over the past four years, NZ's goods export to China has been increased by close to 20% on an average year basis. China has maintained to be NZ's No. one trading partner for five consecutive years. Our bilateral trade accounts for 20% of New Zealand import and export. Not long ago more than 140 NZ companies participated in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) and signed deals worth of hundreds of  millions of US Dollars. As far as I know, when the first expo hardly concluded, we have received more than ten applications from NZ exhibitors for more than 500 square meters booth for participating in the second CIIE, which reflects how dynamic our bilateral trade has been and how complimentary our economy has been. The trade with China has served major driving force for NZ economic growth for past years and brought significant tangible benefits to the peoples of both sides.

Over the past four years, the non-stop flights between Auckland and major cities of China have been tripled which has greatly facilitated the communication of people to people, trade and investment etc. Each flight generates NZD 180 million revenue for NZ in addition to other indirect benefit from them. The latest figure shows the tourists from China last year brought USD1.6 billion revenue to NZ, which also have created many job opportunities directly and indirectly for NZ.

Over the past four years, Chinese financial institutions have been growing very smoothly as well in NZ. China Construction Bank, Bank of China as well as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have turned into branches or sub-branch from subsidiaries, and have provided good financial services to NZ and China NZ co-operations. There are many other successful stories of co-operations in areas of tourism, primary industry, entertainment, infrastructure etc. Without the financial support from both China and NZ, the abovementioned progress could not be accomplished.

Finance is the blood of economy and is one of the most important contents of One Belt One Road constructions between China and NZ. One Belt One Road is a transparent, inclusive and open economic platform for international cooperation without any hidden geopolitical agenda and without any precondition. It is not one way road but a win-win road and  public good based on extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefit. It is about the connectivity of trade, finance, infrastructure and people to people. You can see in the successful stories mentioned above the great benefit One Belt One Road has brought to peoples of both NZ and China. Next year the second international forum on One Belt One Road will be held in April in Beijing. I am confident that along with China's further reform and opening up, we will have even brighter prospect for our cooperation and for the financial ties between China and NZ. Chinese financial institutions like Bank of China NZ will bring more benefits and opportunities to the peoples of our two countries. It is my sincere hope Bank of China NZ will continue to make contribution to One Belt and One Road construction between our two countries and continue to work together with our NZ partners to build a community with shared future for mankind. My Consulate will continue to provide good services to our Chinese business here in the Consulate district.

Wish Bank of China NZ greater success in the future!

Wish you have wonderful time tonight!

Thank you!


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