Remarks at the Touring Concert of Yundi Li in Auckland by Consul General Xu Erwen

Ladies and gentlmen,

First of all, I wish to extend my warm congratulations to Yundi Li and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for the great success of the performance tonight. What a treat to have had a chance to listen to the piano concert by Yundi Li, an international piano star, together with the well-established Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in this magnificent City Town Hall of Auckland. Like all of you, I was carried away by the beautiful music and enjoyed every moment of this piano recital. At the joyful and exciting time, I would like to express my special thanks to the organizers and sponsors for making tonight's concert possible and also my heartfelt appreciation to Yundi Li and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for bringing us the wonderful cultural feast to us and to the friends of NZ in Auckland .

As a Chinese, I am proud of the great achievements made by Yundi Li in his piano career. Yundi Li became famous at his early age and won the Frederic Chopin piano competition when he was only 18 years old through his hard work and talents. Yundi Li grew up with China's reform and opening up. His success is a vivid reflection of China's reform and opening up which has brought tremendous transformation to china's political, economic, social and cultural life as well as great benefit to the whole world. I am confident that Yundi Li will achieve more progress in his arts career along with china's further reform and opening up.

As a Chinese diplomat, I am impressed by the important contribution made by Yundi Li in promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between China and rest of the world.  Music is the universal language of mankind as stated by an American well-known poet Longfellow. It serves as a bridge to connect peoples' hearts together. For many years, Yundi Li has traveled extensively both in China and all over the world to give performances and has done a lot to introduce the western music particularly the Chopin to the Chinese people, and at same time he has a great passion for Chinese classical music. He tries to create harmony between the western and Chinese music together

As the Chinese Consul General in Auckland, I am very appreciative of Yundi's performances in Auckland. He has not only brought us the great music, but also extended the best wishes and friendship of Chinese people to the people of NZ. China and NZ are working together to construct the 21st maritime silk road. Cultural exchanges are very important part of the Belt and Road construction. Yundi Li's performance together with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra puts another addition to the fast growing cultural exchanges between china and NZ. It demonstrates not only the great harmony and cultural cooperation between the artists of our two countries, but also the growing friendship between our two peoples.

Thank you for your participation tonight.

Thank you again for your wonderful performance, and wish you greater success in future.

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