Follow the Trend of Openness and Innovation and Further Promote Cooperation between China and New Zealand
Xu Erwen, Chinese Consul General in Auckland

Many Kiwi friends, facing the increasingly complicate international situations and uncertain prospects, recently ask me about these questions: How will the economic globalization continue? Which way will China choose? And what's the future of China-New Zealand Cooperation?


I am very glad to share with my friends that just several days back, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech entitled "Open to create prosperity and innovation to lead the future", at the opening of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 in Hainan. He recalled the extraordinary journey of China's reform and opening-up, and solemnly proclaimed China's strong determination and major measures to pursue further opening in the new era. His words exactly answered the above-mentioned questions, and brought about confidence to maintaining world peace and development.


Over the last four decades, the Chinese people have embraced the world with open arms. Thanks to its opening, China has grown into the world's second largest economy, the largest industrial producer, the largest trader of goods, and the holder of the largest foreign exchange reserves, becoming a key anchor and driver for the world economy. Also, China has always been committed to build world peace, contributing to global prosperity and upholding the international order.


In the new era, China's door of opening-up will open even wider. President Xi has announced in Hainan that China will adopt the following major measures to pursue further opening: significantly broaden market access, create a more attractive investment environment, strengthen protection of intellectual property rights, and take the initiative to expand imports. Besides, China will hold the first International Import Expo in Shanghai this November. These measures are not only based on the needs of China's own development, but also for the greater benefit of people all over the world through economic globalization.


As a Maori proverb says "If your basket and mine are put together, everyone has better live." The Chinese people have always opened their minds and embraced the world. That's why China proposes the initiative to build a new type of international relations, promotes a community with a shared future for mankind, and puts forward the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI may be China's idea, but its opportunities and outcomes are going to benefit the world. Sticking to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, the BRI has been received and acknowledged by more countries and peoples.


We live at a time with an overwhelming trend toward peace and cooperation, openness and connectivity, reform and innovation, while protectionism and unilateralism are unpopular. China and New Zealand are both beneficiaries and contributors of economic globalization. China has been New Zealand's largest trading partner for many years. In the future, by making full use of the potential and economic complementarity, the two countries will have closer cooperation, which is not only in the interests of both countries and peoples, but also conducive to the Asia-pacific and the whole world.


New Zealand is the first western country to sign the BRI cooperation agreement with China, and we cherish this pioneering policy of New Zealand. With our joint efforts, the BRI cooperation has achieved early harvest in our consular area centered on Auckland, benefiting both sides in fields such as non-stop flights, financing, tourism infrastructure and people to people exchanges.


In Chinese traditional culture and philosophy, it is suggested to do things conforming to the trend of the times. Answering peoples expectation, fitting to the tide of development, and following the trend of our times, China choose to unswervingly deepen its reform and opening-up. And we look forward to working with New Zealand friends to further expand and promote cooperation in various fields, composing a magnificent new chapter of China-New Zealand relations and their joint development.

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