Remarks by Consul General Xu Erwen at 2018 ACCC Chinese New Year Festival Market Day
(ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, 3 February 2018)

Hon. Ms Jenny Salesa, Minister of Ethnic Communities,

Hon. Mr Phil Twyford, Minister of Housing and Urban Development,

Hon. Paula Bennett, Deputy Leader of the National Party,

Hon. Mayor Phil Golf,

Hon. Mr Peter Goodfellow, President of the National Party,

Respected members of parliament, President of ACCC Mr. Kai Luey,

My dear Chinese compatriots,

Ladies and gentlemen, friends,

Good Morning!

It is my great pleasure and honor to be here today to participate in this beautiful event in celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year of Dog. In Chinese tradition and culture, the 12 zodiac is a mascot and each of the 12 is an auspicious sign. The year of Dog in particular, means in Chinese “Wong Wong”, which stands for prosperity and good luck. So at this joyful and festival moment, I would like to express, on behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland, my warmest greetings and best wishes to all the guests present here today, and through you, to all the friends in NZ, for a very happy and prosperous New Year!

At this very special occasion, I want to express my deep appreciation to all the friends and our Chinese compatriots in NZ for your great support to the development of China and Sino-NZ relations.

Over the past year. China and China NZ relations have been doing very well. For China, the most important thing was The 19th National Congress of the CPC which was successfully convened. This milestone congress designed an ambitious blueprint for building China into modern socialist country by the middle of this century. China’s economy grew at 6.9%, serving the primary engine and contributing more than 30% to the world economic growth, surpassing the combined total of the US, Europe and Japan. The latest figure indicates China is on the track to be the largest market of the world. The reform measures brought substantial benefits to the people. More than 10 Million people were lifted out poverty last year. A serious of breakthrough were achieved in science and technology.

Meantime, we have forged greater synergy for the Belt and Road Initiative. The first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation yielded over 270 outcomes and facilitated a number of major cooperation projects, creating a strong momentum of extensive participation from around the world. Today, the Belt and Road has become the biggest platform for international cooperation and a most welcomed international public good.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The coming New Year is the first year followed the 19th National congress of CPC and also marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up policy. The reform and opening up policy is the only way for modern China to make progress in its development and to realize its Dream of national rejuvenation. We will continue structural economic reform, putting more emphasis on quality and efficiency of its development. China’s door will not be closed but only open wider to the outside world. We will not practice protectionism, unilateralism, zero-sum and geopolitical competition, but only support free trade, multilateralism and win-win cooperation. We will stay committed to peaceful development and stay ready to share our development dividends with all other countries and achieve common prosperity. The mission of China’s diplomacy in the new area has been identified that is to work with other countries in the world to forge a new form of international relationship based on mutual respect, justice and fairness as well as win-win cooperation. And to build a community of shared future for mankind featuring enduring peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness and inclusiveness as well as clean and beautiful world.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very proud of the great achievement made in China NZ bilateral relationship over the past year. The leaders of our two countries have kept close contacts and communications and are committed to building the comprehensive strategic partnership based on mutual respect, equality and win-win co-operations. Mutual co-operations have been growing very fast in all areas. China maintains to be NZ’s largest trading partner in goods, largest source of international students, and second largest source of overseas tourists.

In the New Year, we are faced with tremendous opportunities in furthering our bilateral relations. China cherishes NZ’s consistent friendly and cooperative policy. China and NZ bilateral relations are based on the affections of our two peoples and solid foundation laid by our great friends Mr. Rewi Alley and many others. Our two economies are highly complementary with each other. The development concept of our two countries is very much in line with each other, featuring innovation, coordination, openness, greenness and shared development. Along with China’s fast growing middle class which is over 300 million and the continued implementation of people-oriented policy, it is believed that both sides will benefit from our cooperation in the fields such as tourism, primary industry, aviation interconnection, energy conservation, environmental protection, food safety, information technology, infrastructure, and so on.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The above-mentioned would not be accomplished without the joint efforts by both sides and without the support of our Chinese compatriots! Our Chinese compatriots not only made great contribution to the political, economic and social development as well as diversity of NZ, but also were acting as very important bridge in promotion of the friendship and cooperation between our two peoples and two countries.

The Chinese Market Day has been a great platform for promoting the development of cultural diversity, mutual understanding and friendship. I would like once again to express our heartfelt appreciation to the government of NZ and Auckland for your long time support to the development of the Chinese communities in Auckland and NZ, and to the good relations between our two countries and two peoples.

And thank you so much, ACCC and its staff for your contribution to making this fantastic event possible. My very best wishes again to you all for a very happy and prosperous New Year! Good Luck!

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