Reminder on the documents required for the application of Health Codes (Health Declaration Forms )

Since the implementation of the latest regulations on applying health code (HS) and Health Declaration Form(HDC) for visitors from New Zealand to China on March 1, many applications failed to meet relevant requirements which put extra burden on the review work. To ensure the application of HS and HDC is carried out smoothly, the required documents are reiterated as follows:


I. Application Portals

Health Code(HS): For Chinese citizens (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents), Please use WeChat mini program

Health Declaration Form(HDC): For Kiwis and other nationals, please log on to webpage


II. Documents to be uploaded :(For both HS and HDC)

1. Negative nucleic acid test report(PCR)within 2 days of the flight departure(original lab report)

2. Negative report of serum (IgM) antibody test within 2 days of the flight departure(original lab report)

3.Those who have been vaccinated may have positive serum antibody test results and need to upload a vaccination certificate.

4. Flight Itinerary (Itinerary or electronic ticket with ticket number issued by airliners or travel agencies)

5. Visa or other proof of residence

For HS: Please upload valid New Zealand visa (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents should upload Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents or Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents)

For HDC: New Zealanders should upload their passport information page and valid Chinese Visa or Chinese Residence Permit, applicants of other nationals should upload both Chinese and New Zealand visa or residence permit.

Before submitting the application, please make sure that your personal information is accurate and consistent with the test reports. The uploaded materials must be complete. Please refer to the following link for detailed requirements:

Notice on the Implementation of Pre-Departure COVID-19 Nucleic Acid (PCR) and Serum IgM Antibody Tests(2020/11/30)

Circular on Providing Supplementary Materials for Health Code Application(2021/02/19)

Circular on the Information needed for the China-bound Travellers who have taken the COVID-19 Vaccines(2021/02/19)


                    The Consulate General of P.R.China in Auckland

                              March 24, 2021

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